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Frequently Asked Questions

How long after I submit my link before it appears on rankt?

New comments are picked up every 10 minutes. Editing an existing comment with a new link will also be picked up within 10 minutes.

I submitted my link more than 10 minutes ago, but it's still not on rankt, where is it?

There are only two possible reasons why it's not on rankt:
  • 1. It's actually deleted by the mods (check incognito) <- 95% chance it's this one
  • 2. You've posted more than once in a thread and your links are being ignored by rankt. So be sure to check you only have one.
Also, never delete, only edit. Deleting will never be faster than editing an existing comment.

If I have a new link to post to a thread I've already posted to, should I delete the old comment and create a new one or edit my existing comment?

Always edit your existing comment instead of posting a new comment. If you delete your old comment, and create a new comment, your new link may not appear on rankt for up to 6 hours. Make sure that you always only have one comment per referral thread. If you have more than one, none of your links will appear on rankt.

Can I submit a link directly to rankt instead of through reddit?


Why is the # of links on rankt lower than the reddit thread?

The reddit comment count for any given thread shows the pre-moderated count of all comments made in a particular thread. That is, before AutoMod/ReferralLinkBot have removed any (not enough karma, invalid format, etc.) The count on rankt is the # of valid links left after moderation is done. Therefore, the count on rankt will always be lower (and in some cases much lower) than reddit thread.

I've checked my link after logging out (or using incognito), and it's been removed, what should I do?

First thing, check to make sure that the ReferralLinkBot hasn't removed your link and sent you a message. It will usually tell you why your link has been removed. If there isn't anything, head on over to the Referral Problem Reporting Megathread. Browse other questions that may be similar to yours, or post your own question for assistance.

I've read all of this FAQ and I still can't get my link to appear on rankt, but it appears on reddit, what gives?

Feel free to shoot /r/churningreferrals moderators a message on reddit. Please provide a link to your comment and what recent actions you have performed. If you do not provide a link to your comment on reddit you will not receive a response.